For Boats: 2000~5000 tons) Weight: 53000 kg±5% Dimensions: 4750×4400×3000 mm (187×173×118 in)
Active Control

The self-adaptive control strategy allows the gyro stabilizer to work effectively under any sea condition.
Power Saving

The ceramic rolling element allows the gyro to spin faster, consuming less power.
Sealed Design

The core components are completely isolated from the marine environment.
Duo-Cooling System

An effective duo-cooling system enables the gyro stabilizer to work steadily.
Installation Scheme
We aim to offer you the perfect anti-rolling solution. With the most affordable price in the market, you’ll receive the best riding experience combined with our full range of technical & customer support. Jiwu Tech and our professional partners will provide you with pre-sales consulting, field measurement, installation service, sea trial and after-sales services.
Control Panel
The control panel is conveniently installed on the driving console. The touch screen allows the user to start, stop or lock the gyro stabilizer as well as review the device condition and angle of roll in real time.
Installation position
Front / Back
Port / Starboard
For Boats
2000~5000 tons)
53000 kg±5%
4750×4400×3000 mm (187×173×118 in)
Rated Speed
4000 RPM
Angular Momentum at Rated RPM
2000K N-M-S
Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM
4000K N-M
Spool-up Time to Rated RPM
50 min
Spool-up Time to Stabilization (70% Rated RPM)
30 min
Spool-up Power
180 KW
Operating Power
120 KW - 180 KW
AC Input
AC380V, Three Phase, 50/60HZ
Sea Water Supply to Heat Exchanger
600~800 LPM
Ambient Air Temprature
-20-60 ℃
Noise Output
68 - 72 dB